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“Devil take your money, my money’s got no hold on me…”

“I wanna be a billionaire so frickin’ bad//buy all of the things I never had” sings Travie McCoy.

Mr McCoy, I disagree most heartily. I wanna be free. Free of the enslavement of the almighty Dollar. Free to laugh in the face of Wall Street, and dance in the ruin of the idols of gold and greed. I want to owe nothing but love to anyone…

Wealth is being free to enjoy the richness of life and love, the joy of creation, the intimacy of humanity. You can’t buy that with all the capital in the world. So you can have your billions, Mr McCoy, I’ll take my freedom.

“With money we feel powerful, respectable, and safe – or we think we will if we can get a little more. Without it we feel anxious, vulnerable, lost at sea. But money is so powerful and alluring that it can make us into people we hate, doing things we don’t respect ” – Rick McKinley, “This Beautiful Mess: Practicing the Presence of the Kingdom of God”


One comment on ““Devil take your money, my money’s got no hold on me…”

  1. livingfree7

    Very good post brother!

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