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The Way I See It #2: “Walk This Way”

Those of you who have had even a few conversations with me know that I often refer to following Jesus as a perspective, a way of viewing life that brings cohesion and meaning to a fractured reality. I find the core of this teaching in Jesus claim to be the “Way, Truth and Life”. His continually insisted that He revealed the truth of life, that He was both the journey and the destination for His followers, that He was the focus of the law, the prophets, and as such was in Himself the future! I fear this is a point far too often lost in american church. I don’t think the problem is in lack of an academic articulation of the intellectual implications of Jesus’ life, nor do I find the flaw in Church to be a failure to understand what Jesus asks of us, but rather an avoidance of the struggle to manifest the life and death of Jesus in our daily experiences. We don’t lack information, we lack determination.

In a few months, Lord willing, my wife and I will pack up a few possessions and our infant daughter to travel around the country and share the Good News with children. We have no other reason than the belief that this is the best way to manifest the teaching and practice of Jesus in our life as a family. To say that we have arrived at this decision lightly would be a lie. We are stepping into the unknown in so many ways with no guarantees of safety or security,


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