The Suburban Vagabond

On a search for a better world, finding it in the most unlikely places


In the end, when,

in fear you cry

I tell you they lied

He’s not cold, he’s not a distant father

The whispers are true

The cosmos bent, rent

Newborn Love sent

When heaven touched, loved

Embraced by eternal

I tell you they lied, not cold

Here is heavens tears

And heaven is here, and now

Not a patriarch aloof

The proof, a bleeding God

These veins translucent

This life the proof, the seal

Not an angry God

Not indignant, burning

Fearful heart broken

Behold compassion’s token, spoken

Unconditional redemption

He has sworn by Himself, no greater

The thief and traitor

Forgiven, anointed and free

By a beautiful life and a bloody cross

So come frail heart, come taste

Leave the broken hourglass

Leave your bruises, your wonder reclaim

In this hallowed place

Of God with us, with grace

Plight the troth of hope

Heaven and earth have embraced, at long last

With the lonely leaving disgrace

With the prisoners, shattered chains

And raise the cry

That Death has died, never to live

All glory give

The Lamb come, slain

Risen, reigns

Kingdom without end

Amen, amen





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