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Time and Perspective

“I find that my core beliefs about life, love, and following Jesus have been radically reshaped, and that I am entering the next phase of my life with a new set of priorities and a new mindset”


I wrote this on my blog in June of ’08. Without excessive reflection, I can now say that I was just realizing some things that have come to define me. I believe that the thing we grapple with the most, those of us who claim to be Jesus-followers, is His demand that our identity be wrapped up in His way of life. He asks for our ideas – our cherished, pet superiorities, our smug assumptions, our very perspective. He asks for them at the moment of least convenience. Understand this, though – if we refuse to surrender these things, then our journey can continue no farther. We will remain self-righteous hypocrites, hobnobbing at the temple of whatever cherished idea has become our religion.


I fear that most of what we understand to be “Christian” belief and practice is simply a vain attempt to coerce God into supporting us while co-opting His resources. Being people of transformation means that said transformation is a process that we are experiencing personally. Too often we think that we can opt out of the transformation and still receive the benefits. Not so – following Jesus means the whole thing, or none of it. You cannot walk the Way of the suffering, servant Savior without participating in His life. His simple “Follow Me” becomes a dangerous concept when we begin to grasp what it actually means.


What ideas, beliefs, or assumptions has following Jesus cost you?

Are you moving forward on your journey, and if not, why?

Where do the life and teachings of Jesus come into conflict with your own life and teachings?


What are your thoughts?

The Suburban Vagabond


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