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The Story of The Oases

Once, there was a tribe of people who wandered in a deserted and arid country. A distinctive people, followers of a great leader, their homeland was a lush tropical paradise where vegetation flourished and agriculture was possible all year round. When they were sent into the desert, they were given a great and unparalleled gift – the ability to turn dry, dead, desert into a flourishing garden. In them was the ability to call forth life from death and to restore the desert to a flourishing  state.

Sent into the desert, they were charged to bring life to the desert and its people, commanded to create countless oases across the wasteland, and to teach the desert-dwellers the secret they possessed. This they were to do until their leader joined them and reunited the Land of Life and the Desert of Death in one forever-happy Kingdom. Joyfully they departed, eager to begin restoring the waste.

Soon, however, they forgot their purpose. Many of them became enmeshed in the politics of the desert-dwellers, seeking to rule them and turn them forcefully to the power of King of Life. Others quarreled among themselves, fighting over whether this method or that was best to bring the desert waste to life, arguing over methodology and abstract ideology. Still others sought position and power among the Life-Bringers, declaring themselves lords and ladies, leaders in the absence of the King. In the midst of the chaos, precious few of those sent out remember to tend the Desert, and it largely remained a wasteland. The command of the King was largely ignored, often forgotten, and frequently opposed by the very ones sent out and charged with its execution.

What will the King do? I will tell you – he himself will go into the desert, sending his messengers to the poorest and most desperate of the desert-dwellers. From the forgotten dwellers of the obscure corners of the Dead lands, he will find the a people to partner with him, and he himself at long last will return to the desert, bringing complete restoration to the land that has been forgotten for so long. The desert tribes will rejoice when he brings their homeland to lasting wholeness and beauty, and he will be King of one united land and will unite the tribes into one People, happy and free.
But those who ignored the command of their King will not share in His reign. Many of those he originally sent out will have no part in his triumph, for they would not share in his labor to set the world right. They will become the outcasts.

If you have ears to hear, the pay attention to the story.


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