The Suburban Vagabond

On a search for a better world, finding it in the most unlikely places


Here, wrapped in our wanderings
Straying, at home in the sundering
In the division of heaven and earth
Unaware – the contradiction of Birth
Your kings come, o Man
Wrapped in trinkets, gaudy peacocks 
Pretentious icons to a pretentious race
Unaware – the contradiction of worth
Not this time, O Earth
In the heavens, strange songs
The stars themselves give voice
Aware, they, of the Inception
Death has been seized
A vagabond, inconsequential, overlooked infant
The fires, they sing of him
Is He aware? His shadow long in the cradle
And we, with shaking props
Maddened, with bloody hands
The tottering thrones upheld
Now aware, The Years have run down to this – to Him
Not causeless, Herod tosses
Uneasy, on his bed of luxury
All the Cosmos is a-tremble
Fixated, on the Sapling of Jesse
“Those in shadow have seen the brightness
The outcasts behold the glory
The earth is filled
A humble Deity”
Old Powers bow down
The Wolf is consumed
All the heavens are singing
The affections of God come true at long last



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