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The Quiet Man

canstockphoto0943797 (2)

Outside the glittering city’s towers

From beneath the bloody boots

Behind every ascending power, the quiet man regards the daylight


Hercules had his stables

He his rows, in endless procession

Never slows for for calamity, his path wends under the Scale and the Ram


No permanent monument

No lasting masterpiece his estate

His only coat of arms, the Analemma, the Ecliptic


He gathers in his bronzed arms

The treasure of Earth – the staple of life

And takes the pittance, the token of disrespect


His is the earth, the sorrow

Communion celestial, terrestrial, divine

He talks to God and Man with a constant, deliberate, fidelity


Who can say?

When the cacophony of conquest has ceased –

When tyrants and great men are unmasked – when Jubilee reigns in a Garden made new, then…


God Himself may step down and take

The weather-beaten palm, proclaiming

I have found an Heir, a Brother, who loves my creation as I do


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